We work to prevent the trafficking of children through strengthening schools in vulnerable areas and conducting anti-trafficking work.

Our work - Prevention

We keep children safe in school. We support schools and encourage children to get an education, because it is a little known fact that by attending school, children are far less likely to be trafficked. Absence from school is likely to be noticed, and education can make a child more sceptical of traffickers. When a child goes missing, teachers know how to report their concerns.

In 2016 we kept 11,399 children safe from traffickers by supporting them to stay in school.

Following the earthquake in 2015 we have been able to fund repair work and practical improvements to schools – such as rebuilding classrooms and installing water supplies. One school we spoke to reported an increase of 30% attendance since the installation of a new tap.

We also conduct anti-trafficking workshops in schools and local communities.