Privacy Policy

The Child Rescue Nepal is aware of the trust placed in it and is therefore committed to protecting your privacy and information as much as is reasonably possible. This privacy policy applies only to Child Rescue Nepal website and not any third party website which may be linked from it.

The following Policy explains how and what Child Rescue Nepal may do with your information which is gained through the website. Please note that this Policy may be changed from time to time and you are therefore requested to review this Policy regularly.

1. What Information Has Been Taken
The information which Child Rescue Nepal obtains shall be entirely dependent on how you use the website and its services. The information which can be gained generally falls into two categories: personal and non-personal. For general browsing of the website you are not required to enter any details and therefore information gained will only be non-personal, which does not identify you. For instance the IP address from which the website was accessed, the pages viewed and any files which were downloaded. This information is used to help us maximize your and others’ enjoyment of the website and to understand our viewers.
Your personal information such as name and email address will only be accessed or acquired if disclosed to Child Rescue Nepal for subscription or payment purposes.

2. What happens to the information
Non-personal information is used solely by Child Rescue Nepal and its service providers for understanding and improving the website. Any personal information which is disclosed to Child Rescue Nepal will not be sold or leased to any third party and will kept in strict confidentiality. Personal information will also not be disclosed to third parties, unless your express permission to do so is given or where required by law. Child Rescue Nepal may disclose personal information to its advisors but only where they are bound by the same confidentiality.

Child Rescue Nepal cannot however, guarantee the security of the internet and therefore although reasonable steps will be taken to ensure your personal information is secure, Child Rescue Nepal do not warrant the security of the information disclosed on the website; you submit this at your own risk.

3. Amending, deleting your information
If at any time you wish to have your information deleted or to unsubscribe to any newsletter please inform Child Rescue Nepal. If your contact details change or the details stored with Child Rescue Nepal are inaccurate and you wish to remain on the mailing list please inform Child Rescue Nepal as soon as possible to limit disruption to your service.