Child Rescue Nepal is one of a small handful of charities that physically rescue children from slavery in Nepal.

With more people globally in slavery than at any other point in history, we know our work is desperately needed. Child Rescue Nepal is on the ground, removing children from factories, restaurants, hotels and construction sites where they are held captive. We take the children to our safe house and provide them with medical care and counselling. The next step is tracing their families and safely reuniting them, providing ongoing support where necessary.

So far we have rescued nearly 800 children and reunited the majority of those children with their families. We have also prevented 50,000 children from being trafficked through our education programmes. But we know there are thousands more who need our help.

Our achievements:
  • Raised over £5 million for Nepal’s children
  • Rescued nearly 800 children, with ongoing support in many cases
  • Pursued the prosecution of 24 traffickers, helping to jail 14 in Nepal and India
  • Supported a case in the High Court against a well-known Nepali trafficker
  • Currently caring for 32 at-risk children in our small family-style homes
  • Improved education for 50,000 children in a trafficking-prone district, Makwanpur
  • Raised £150,000 for earthquake relief in 2015 and delivered immediate aid to remote areas