Luib Kit

CRN partners with LUIB

“Born in the town of LUIB in the Isle of Skye in 1982, LUIB is a game that nurtures strategy, speed of movement and thought, skill, subtlety and strength of character but most of all, it is a game that cultivates integrity. LUIB is an ethical game for a better, more peaceful, more ethical world and an experience reflecting the aspirational values of International Education. LUIB, currently played in 30 schools around Africa, Europe and the Middle East and Asia Pacific, is the official sport of United World College, Thailand. What really makes LUIB unique is that the game is intrinsically linked to Service and LUIB is extraordinarily proud to be an official partner of Child Rescue Nepal. Every LUIB Championship is interwoven with workshops, which raise awareness of the scourge of human trafficking and commit collaboratively to doing something about it. A simple way LUIB raises awareness of the work of Child Rescue Nepal is by featuring the charity’s logo on all of our branded products. We are especially proud of our custom designed LUIB “chemise” – and our 2018 model is now available for order! Once we have covered the costs of production, all proceeds go to Child Rescue Nepal.”

Please visit the LUIB WORLD Facebook site for information on how to order the chemise and our other products, or email directly.



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