Joanna Lumley, Radio 4 appeal
Joanna Lumley, at the BBC, recording our Radio 4 appeal

Joanna Lumley, Patron

“It’s heart-breaking that children are taken away from their homes, where they are regularly abused in the factories or in the workplaces where they are kept. We can help them, we know where they are and all we need are donations.”

Lady Edwina Grosvenor

“This Charity is very dear to my heart and I have been involved with it from the very first children that walked through their doors. Nepal is a beautiful country that faces many challenges both manmade and natural which this organisation responds to creatively and efficiently. It is hugely deserving of all the support it can get.”

Nepalese Social Welfare Council, 2018 (Education)

“Visiting the schools supported by CRN, I can understand the immense challenges the organisation must have faced while constructing buildings and setting up model classrooms in these remote areas. This organisation has literally gone the extra mile in reaching remote ethnic communities and putting in great efforts to raise education levels. I was really mesmerised when I met the children from those mountainous areas who arrive at school after hours of walking. Your decision to support construction work and provide midday meal support is 100% effective, no doubt. CRN, you must keep this spirit alive. You are an inspiration for the government and people around.” – Durga Prasad Bhattarai, Project Monitoring and Evaluation Team Member, Deputy Secretary, Social Welfare Council.

Sanne Philanthropic Foundation

“Since we began our support in 2008, the charity has had to adapt and respond to events, challenges and pressures without ever losing its focus on those children most vulnerable to or victims of trafficking. It has rescued children but has also cared for them well into the future, working to reintegrate them into their communities. As donors, we have been kept well-informed about plans and progress so that we feel like engaged partners. We are proud to support this energetic and committed organisation.”
Gillian Arthur, Director, Sanne Philanthropic Foundation.

Mageni Trust

“Our family trusts have been delighted to provide core funding to The Trust because it rescues trafficked children – reintegrating them with their families where possible. It is also important that it works to prevent the problem at its root through improved education and pursuit of the perpetrators the traffickers themselves”.
Gill and Garf Collins


“As a Hatemalo Board member I had the great chance to meet the kids and staff in Nepal. I experienced the great work the trust is doing to prevent child-trafficking and the care they provide for the unluckily trafficked children. They need very special care after they experienced these difficulties and Child Rescue Nepal provides this to them. I have seen successful reunifications with families, which was a wonderful moment for me as well as for them”.
Bernadette Kaiser, Hatemalo, Germany

Zoe Wanamaker

“I commend the work of Child Rescue Nepal in trying to keep Nepali children safe in school, where they are less likely to be trafficked.”

The Lord Ramsbotham GCB CBE

“This is a charity that I have supported and fundraised for over a few years. Keeping children safe and then returning them to their families is more than just something urgently needed – it is a basic right for every child.”

Sir Richard Stilgoe

“I have been to Nepal and seen first hand the work of CRN. It is impressive, moving and focussed – and extremely life-changing for the children who are rescued.”

The Rt Hon Sir John Major KG CH

“I wish you every continued success in the important work you are undertaking to alleviate the suffering of some of the most vulnerable members of our global society.”

The John and Wendy Osorio Trust

This trust has been supporting and funding Child Rescue Nepal for more than eight years, and will continue to do so, because the trust believes CRN’s achievements are “considerable and impressive”.

The Social Welfare Council, 2018 (Care Homes)

“Though I came here in an official capacity, as an individual I truly want to be associated with this organisation and serve these children. The facilities and services provided at the care homes is a higher standard than a middle class Nepali family can offer to their children. This is the first time I have ever seen children in care responding and acting confidently in each and every aspect of their lives. Even children in expensive private schools can’t present themselves the way that these children can. This organisation is an example to other like-minded organisations in Nepal.” – Narhari Acharya, Project Monitoring and Evaluation Team Member, Social Welfare Council.