We like to share the success stories of children we’ve helped.

Success stories

ArjunArjun’s Story

We discovered 14-year-old Arjun working in a restaurant. From first thing in the morning until late evening every day, he would wash dishes, clean the kitchen and serve food to customers. He was subject to verbal and physical whenever the restaurant owner decided he wasn’t working hard enough.

He was rescued in February 2016. Child Rescue Nepal’s staff team raided the restaurant and took Arjun along with two other boys to a safe house. Arjun told us that he wished he could be back home with his family. He missed his siblings and school friends. Just over two weeks later our staff had traced Arjun’s family and safely reunited him with his siblings, parents and beloved 83-year-old grandmother.

Child Rescue Nepal is now providing educational support to Arjun and his siblings so that they can attend school, instead of going out to work. Arjun’s teachers report that despite his traumatic experience he has settled in quickly, made new friends and has achieved good exam results.


Prison is no place for a five year old child, particularly in Nepal where overcrowding, unsanitary conditions and fighting amongst inmates are the norm. But this is where we found Dal, who was sent with his parents when they were convicted.

We rescued Dal from prison and gave him back his childhood. He moved into one of our family style homes, where he has been well fed, clothed and free to play with other children. We have supported him throughout his education and traced his parents upon their release from prison.

Dal is now nineteen and living independently in rented accommodation. He undertook training to become a chef and has secured a good job in a restaurant that enables him to financially support his parents.

Dal says, “Thank you so much for supporting me. Because of your support I have a successful life today.”


Alone in a foreign country, working as a slave and suffering abuse Mina was only seven years old when we worked with the local authorities to free her and her friends from the Rajkamal Circus in India. We traced her family and supported her through her education.

Mina went on to lead a normal life and made us proud by winning a gold medal in the Nepal National Gymnastic Games. Mina’s strong sense of justice has since led to her pursuing a career in the Nepalese Police Force.

Mina’s future is now not only bright but also secure due to the work we have done to eliminate the trade of Nepalese children into Indian circuses. But our mission doesn’t stop there.

The fight goes on

There are still thousands of child slaves in the factories, restaurants and brothels of Nepal, and we won’t stop until every one of them is free.