EBMF staff

Esther Benjamins Memorial Foundation (EBMF)

EBMF has been CRN’s key delivery partner since 1999. Together, we have rescued and reintegrated over 750 trafficked children. We have helped keep 40,000 children safe from traffickers through ‘Safe in School’ and seen 14 traffickers jailed. EBMF also delivers our Youth Transition Programme, supporting trafficked youths through further education.

Shakti Samuha

Shakti Samuha is the first organisation established and run by survivors of human trafficking, running youth programs, support groups, education programs and shelter homes for women affected by human trafficking. Child Rescue Nepal partners with Shakti Samuha to run our invaluable girls home, Marigold house, a safe place for girls who have been trafficked to be cared for by staff when it is not safe for them to return home.

Voice of Children

VOC is a well-established Nepal charity which was honoured in 2015 for its achievements by Comic Relief. We have worked with VOC on rescuing street children who were made homeless as a result of the earthquake in 2015. We also funded VOC to run an awards programme rewarding good practice in fostering in Nepal.

The District Education Office, Makwanpur
We have a formal partnership agreement for teacher training and schools rebuilding and improvements. In September 2016 we were awarded a certificate for our water projects in schools.

We are also a member of the following networks in Nepal:-

Association of International NGOs in Nepal (AIN)