Our Nepali staff pursue traffickers, identify them and work with the authorities to take them to court.


To date, we have been instrumental in the jailing of 14 child traffickers.

This work carries considerable risks, and some of our staff have been threatened and attacked because of it.

Through repeatedly pursuing traffickers who sold Nepali children to Indian circuses, we successfully closed down that trafficking route. Because of our work, Nepali children are no longer found in Indian circuses.


An example of a prosecution

Mr and Mrs KM are one of the few couples ever to be arrested jointly in Nepal for trafficking. They were well known traffickers in Makwanpur, and families came to our office naming them as the traffickers when they were searching for their children.

Mr and Mrs KM hid from our staff for two years in Rajasthan, India, protected by the lack of an extradition process between India and Nepal. They were eventually arrested in India when Ambika Circus was raided in 2011.

After their arrest, our senior rescuer liaised between the Nepal police and Interpol making the case for their prosecution. They were arrested after several months and jailed in India. Our team’s work saved many children from a life of slavery and abuse.