Reuniting Families

Reunited family

Most children we rescue have been subjected to physical and/or psychological abuse, malnourished and overworked. Some will have been sexually abused. When they are rescued, our specialist staff provide counselling, nurturing and medical care in a secure home, with access to education.

Our staff trace children’s families and conduct visits to their family homes to assess whether it is safe for them to return. We believe that the best place for children is with their families, but at the same time we must be confident that the child will not be re-trafficked.

After a child has been reunited with their families, we continue to visit them regularly and offer any advice or support needed. In some cases we provide a mobile phone so that we can stay in touch. Where appropriate, we will support families to generate their own income to prevent them being vulnerable to traffickers in the future. We have helped some families to start pig farming, goat rearing, planting crops and tailoring.