Leave a Lasting Legacy – You could opt to ensure our mission to end child slavery continues by making a bequest in your Will. The responsibility of being a named beneficiary in someone’s Will is something that we take extremely seriously.

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The type of legacy you bequeath will vary according to your circumstances and personal wishes. These are the ones you will hear about most often:

Residuary legacy

This is a gift of the remainder or percentage of your estate once all other legacies have been made and any outstanding debts cleared. These legacies are best for a small charity like ourselves. Residuary legacies keep up with inflation and are an effective way to divide the value of an estate when you have a number of people and good causes you wish to support.

Pecuniary legacy

A pecuniary legacy is a gift of a fixed sum of money, for example £5,000. The value of pecuniary legacies will decrease over time, as the cost of living increases.

Specific legacy

If you decide to bequeath a specific item or object – such as a piece of jewellery, for example – this is a specific legacy.

Testimony from Andrea Hosker, who has chosen to leave Child Rescue Nepal a legacy in her Will:

“We have long term involvement in at least 15 other charities, all of which approached us. Child Rescue Nepal is the only one I took the initiative with and contacted to ask for participation; a positive rather than a passive step. We are in the process of updating our wills and have selected four of our charities to benefit when we die. It hasn’t been easy! CRN was one of our choices because you seem to be able to do great good out of very little. We’re happy for the gifts from our wills to be used where the charity judges the needs are most pressing. We make no caveats and have confidence in the team’s integrity and experience in a field which we’re merely glimpsing 2nd or 3rd hand.”

Seek legal advice

It is imperative that you take professional legal advice and that your Will is carefully worded to ensure that your wishes are observed appropriately. We would be very happy to discuss with you the ways in which your legacy to Child Rescue Nepal could be used.  Please feel free to contact us at info@www.childrescuenepal.org or by calling 020 7183 0353.