Boys rescued

Three boys rescued

Boys rescued

YESTERDAY our team in Nepal rescued three young boys from a metalwork factory in Kathmandu. We had been observing the factory for over a month and were finally given the go ahead to launch a rescue by local police and social work teams.

When we first entered the factory, we were able to immediately rescue a boy where he was working. Unfortunately the owner quickly hid two boys. We didn’t give up and made sure those boys were rescued too. We believe them all to be around 12 or 13 years old.

Our staff report that the boys already look much happier. They have had a shower and a long sleep, since their normal working hours were 5am to 9pm. One boy has a nasty injury on his foot which is being treated.

We know that there are other boys working in similar circumstances in this area. Unfortunately, after our arrival at the first factory, the message was spread to neighbouring factories and other boys were quickly hidden. We will continue our investigations and try to return at a later date.

Thank you for your ongoing support that enables us to continue our difficult work.

boys rescued